Lightning Returns

As I’ll allude to in later episodes, one game I’m looking forward to is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.   Yes, that game still exists and is still slated to release later this year next year in February.  However, it has disappeared due to lack of news.  Today, Square Enix has unveiled a new piece of the Lightning Returns site with an interesting new feature.  Perhaps the desert shown a few months back may be more important than was indicated

Official LR:FFXIII site(complete with update):  Here

Updates! [June 06 2013] New Trailer showing Snow and revealing some more story points HERE

[June 10 2013] New Trailer/Demo for E3 showing that wonderful dragon HERE

[June 13th, 2013] Catgirl Lightning HERE

[June 24th, 2013] Final Fantasy X Lightning (Kinda funny actually) HERE

[July 30, 2013] Vanille confirmed HERE


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