Xbox One Thoughts

After watching the Xbox One reveal, I have to say that I was honestly not all that disappointed with what Microsoft brought to the table.  Not only did they upstage Sony by revealing their console, but they blew me away with the level of interactivity the Xbox One will include.  As far as price goes, I do believe that the Playstation 4 may be the winner, although not by much.  Another thing I believe Sony has over the Xbox One is the streaming service, but I expect Microsoft to answer back with their own streaming service sometime after launch.  But, enough comparing Microsoft with Sony.  Not only does the console itself look gorgeous, but the controller and Kinect sensor look like they have been improved.  However, I was let down that Microsoft focused more on the social aspect of the Xbox One.  In fact, I believe that it was at least 75% entertainment and only 25% gaming, but other sites and articles may consider this on the generous side.  In conclusion, I believe this fall will be the start of a more competitive generation of gaming.


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